What We Do

We aim to assist Patients to get well and to continue to be well. We try to achieve this by being thorough empathic and knowledgeable in our field. We work closely with other Clinicians as mandated. We value privacy and autonomy. We believe we can assist best where there is insight into the presenting issue.

Services Offered

The conditions and presentations we treat include:
a)         Anxiety Disorders :-
-           Generalised Anxiety Disorder
-           Panic Disorder
-           Phobic Disorder
-           PTSD
-           OCD, and other Anxiety problems
b)         Depressive Disorders
c)         ADD/ADHD
d)         Insomnia
e)         Grief
f)         Burnout/Stress
g)         Other - a number of other DSM IV Diagnostic conditions
h)         We do Civil Forensic Reports for Insurance Companies and for ACC, i.e. Independent Medical Examinations / Psychiatric Evaluations. We prefer Court Appearances are not part of our standard practice.

Modalities of Treatment

  1. Pharmacological / Psychopharmacological treatment
  2. Psychological Strategies, i.e. CBT, Eclectic Therapy, Supportive Psychotherapy, etc.
  3. We attempt to be holistic and acknowledge that exercise and meditation can be very helpful in some conditions.

The Psychiatrist

Dr. Anthony Asteriadis, has been practicing medicine in the psychiatric field since the early 1990’s. He is a Psychiatrist recognised by the MCNZ and the College of Medicine of SA and is an Affiliate of the RANZCP, and is advised by the Ethics of the Professional Organisation (Organisations) to which he belongs.

Dr. Asteriadis continues to refresh his knowledge by attending local and international Conferences, by professional reading, by attendance at Peer Review Group, and by other professional activities. He is dedicated to assisting those who seek his help.


By phone 09 520 2576
By fax 09 520 2573
Emergencies / Crises, these are usually managed by the Public Sector: - the Crisis Team of the local CMHC. Phone number is available via Telecom 018.


Often by G.P., Psychologist, Counsellor, etc. We liaise with the Referrer and especially the GP. Self-referrals are accepted, but we prefer to liaise with the GP.


Via the requisite professional organisations to which Dr. Asteriadis belongs, abiding by the code of Ethics, and ongoing Reaccreditation.

Appointment Times

Weekdays, by appointment
Previously booked appointments are preferred


Price List available on request
Settlement on day seen is preferred
Eftpos, Visa, and MasterCard are accepted
Some Medical Insurance Companies pay some of the costs: - check with them please

Parking and Access

There is usually parking on-site: - sometimes there may be increased demand for this.
There is a lift in the building
We are a couple of hundred meters from the Motorway, about 500 meters from Newmarket Railway Station, and a few meters from a bus-stop



Remuera medical Chambers
Suite 2
110 Remuera road
Remuera 1050
Auckland, New Zealand